Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pennington / Nature's Heat

BTU per pound: TBA

Ash content: TBA

Wood type: Hard

Fines: TBA

Nature's heat by Pennington has one of the nicest web sites of any of the pellet manufacturers, with glowing (no pun intended) reviews of their pellet products. The irony is that in my experience they qualify as one of the worst "premium" pellets I have used. You know you are in for a good time when they are also recommending Englander stoves. Other than being poor performers what do Pennington and Englander have in common ? They are both sold at the big box stores. I have a friend who saw that both Stove Chow and Nature's Heat pellets where coming out of the Energex factory. As far as I am concerned that is good news for Nature's Heat. The latest batch of Nature's Heat I got where much better than last years. In fact they seem like a different pellet.

In fairness let me specify what it is I do not like about Nature's heat. The number one beef I have is their marketing seems to significantly out pace their product. Even with an improved product this year it is still a mediocre pellet. If they are not in fact Energex, they are certainly extremely similar. They are darker in color, and have far less fines than the the batch I had last year.

Even though the last batch I had was ok, who knows what the next batch might be. Unless you are in a pinch I would pay a little extra, and look a little harder for something else. If you do get these I would suggest just getting a few sample bags to see how they are going to work.

Please add you experience with this pellet in the comments section.

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  1. I have just set up my stove, and, in a hurry, I have purchased some Pennington Nature's Heat pellets from Lowes. They seem fine so far, although I have nothing to compare them to. Perhaps I will comment again when I can. Meanwhile, I wish to say that if Englander recommends them (and we are pretty much aware how awful Englander stoves - and their brand mates - can be), they *might* be pretty decent, considering that if they burn ok in rotten stoves, they may be fine in better stoves. What do you think?

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  3. I purchased 5 bags of pennington pellets in Dec. 2013. They fill the room with dust just pouring them into my stove. I have to run my stove on higher heat settings than any other pellet I have found. I will buy any other brand I have tried before I would get any more of these.

  4. Pennington Nature pellets has been one of the best pellets we have burn so far. Even over Vermont soft which isnt cheap. We burned two bags of Pennington and had tons more heat, and lots less ash, no clinkers, and our glass for the first time is spotless. So I believe its just the type of stove people are using and what burns best in your own stove, everyone should try all different brands and see what works best for them. Good Luck.

  5. Smoke , ash, but no heat or coals that burn. Maybe if you put a propane torch to them, then they might catch, but for how long?