Thursday, January 8, 2009


Review by blog reader: Aaron

Corinth wood pellets

Pricing as of 12/26/2008 $289/ton
Hardwood Pellets.

After burning 3 bags of these pellets, they produce very good heat, low ash and zero clinkers in my top feed Napoleon. The average sizes of the pellets were about 1/2in to ¾ in. with very small amounts of broken pellets.
The bags contained very little fines and sawdust.
All 3 bags were very consistent in size and color of the pellets.

Some have stated in the past that they have found corn in their corinth pellets, I did not find any at all.

One of 4 fairly new manufacturer’s in Maine. After having somewhat bad luck with Athens, I wanted to try another Maine wood pellet. After trying these I would buy in bulk.
Recommend - YES


  1. I found loads of corn in the Corinth pellets. Even the occasional whole kernel. I also needed to empty my burn pot constantly no matter where my damper was set at. I will never burn these again. A very disappointed Maine consumer.

  2. I would definitely recommend these pellets to any and all. We had tried several different types when someone told us they had a good experience with Corinth. We purchased Corinth a few days ago and our house has never been warmer! These are the best pellets by far. We did NOT find any corn in our pellets at all and very little dust. Our ash has cut down tremendously and we could not be more satisfied.

  3. Bobby,
    Soporium is right ; constantly cleaning burn pot
    I will never buy these pellets again, I staying with barefoot.

  4. I am happy to say that I am only about 5 bags short of burning my first (and last) ton of Corinth pellets.

    In no real order, here are my issues:
    - Lots of fines per bag, more than 1/4 cup in one bag
    - ASH... ASH... ASH....

    I typically clean the stove and pipe about every ton I burn. Not because I need to, but because we had the stove installed so that it is easy to clean. I have just finished cleaning out the pipe for the second time since we started burning this ton.

    Also, my ash vacuum doesn't usually need to be emptied out twice for a ton. With these Corinth pellets I have had to empty it twice this ton.

    I will not use these pellets again.

    -Disappointed in Massachusets

  5. I have burnt about 20 bags. Combustion problems, empty burn pot on the hour, soot, vent cleaning every other week. Never again.

    If you have the soot on your floors, there is an oil base smear. Beware.

    2nd Disappointed in Massachusetts

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  7. My stove is a Wiseway gravity fed pellet stove, very unique but fussy with fuel which recommends Softwood Pellets only. I have been running Corinth Brand Softwood pellets exclusively since winter 2014. They burn hot, clean and thoroughly with no more ash than expected. The product is clean in the bag with very little dust. I empty the ash tray every 6 hrs some sponge ash not bad tho. I blow out the entire stove with a shop vac a couple times a week. I highly recommend anybody else with a Wiseway Pellet Stove to try this brand.

  8. By far the WORST pellet I have used. High ash and need to clean the stove EVERY day so it won't clog up. Maine Woods is by far the best product I've used. My supplier was out and recommended Corinth. I will be letting know how horrible these pellets are!!