Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inferno Pellets

Like many others this brutal heating season – I ran out of pellets recently (March, 2011)
and was forced to buy what would be the “leftovers” at many outlets. Unfortunately, I
happened to be at Lowes and saw a couple of pallets of pellets for individual bag sale.
I bought six bags to try them out – planning on going back the next week to get more
if they worked out. These pellets were burned in a Quadra-Fire stove which had been
9b2c4b44fb86522964124ed80d03c5e8_XL.jpgrecently cleaned (including the firepot).

Without reservation – these are the absolute worst pellets that I have ever used. I bought
five bags too many. They produced a large volume of clinkers (5 days of burning
produced a two inch thick layer of clinkers in the firepot) and produced a large volume of
black soot on the inside of the stove from day one (when the firepot was still clean). I was
literally stunned on how poorly they burned (of course, the bags proudly displayed the
rating of Premium Pellets). Possibly I got a bad batch but I would be extremely hesitant
to buy them again.

I cleaned the stove and found a place selling LG pellets and bought some bags of those.
The LG’s have burned (and are still burning) fine so I don’t believe that it was the stove
that caused the Inferno to be so terrible. On a one to 5 scale – I would give them a rating
of 1 – meaning that if there were nothing else available – I would be hard pressed to
purchase these again.

Thanks to Bob for this review


  1. Unfortunately I bought 4 tons of these things and am finally down to my last 30 bags. I even gave a ton away. These things are terrible. They have visible pieces of plastic in them and many have ballooned up and turned to sawdust. Yet I have a ton of older pellets that I am mixing in that are stored in the exact same location and they are fine. I can't wait to be through with these. DO NOT BUY, don't even take them for free.

  2. I was told by Loews that these are a "franchise" type of pellet, where local companies produce and bag them under the Inferno brand name. I burned 4 bags, and didn't see any significant difference from my normal pellet, but also being the end of the season, I don't think I was really paying attention.