Wednesday, May 11, 2011

LG Granules

granulesLG_lg.jpgLike many others this brutal heating season – I ran out of pellets recently (March, 2011)

and was forced to buy what would be the “leftovers” at many outlets. After having a
bad experience with the few bags of Inferno pellets that I bought at Lowes – I looked
around and found a brand that I had used a few years ago (on a limited basis). A brand I
was at least familiar with – the LG Granules brand from Canada (softwood). They come
in heavy clear plastic bags so that you can actually see what you are getting so if they
were many black or dark pellets - you would be able to directly see them through the
transparent bag.

I knew from the past that they were not the best but, also, not the worse pellets that I had
used and they didn’t disappoint on this outing in my Quadra-Fire stove. As virtually ALL
the pellets sold these days - they are touted on the bags as being “Premium Quality”.
They burn relatively hot and relatively cleanly. They do produce clinkers but not a
tremendous amount. Ash is about – “middle of the road” and there are few fines or
loose sawdust per bag. They have a pleasant light “woodsy” odor which, I find, is very

All in all, if you bought a few pallets of these you probably would not be disappointed in
their performance. They are a solid – middle of the road pellet. LG’s are not outstanding
but not poor either and are of this consistent quality - judging by buying them again a few
years later and finding the same quality. On a scale of 1 to 5 (one being the worst and five
being the best) – I would give them a two and a half or three. I would buy them again.

Unfortunately, I happened to be at Lowes and saw a couple of pallets of pellets for
individual bag sale. I bought six bags to try them out – planning on going back the next
week to get more if they worked out. These pellets were burned in a Quadra-Fire stove
which had been recently cleaned (including the firepot).

Without reservation – these are the absolute worst pellets that I have ever used. I bought
five bags too many. They produced a large volume of clinkers (5 days of burning
produced a two inch thick layer of clinkers in the firepot) and produced a large volume of
black soot on the inside of the stove from day one (when the firepot was still clean). I was
literally stunned on how poorly they burned (of course, the bags proudly displayed the
rating of Premium Pellets). Possibly I got a bad batch but I would be extremely hesitant
to buy them again.

I cleaned the stove and found a place selling LG pellets and bought some bags of those.
The LG’s have burned (and are still burning) fine so I don’t believe that it was the stove
that caused the Inferno to be so terrible. On a one to 5 scale – I would give them a rating
of 1 – meaning that if there were nothing else available – I would be hard pressed to
purchase these again.

Thanks to Bob for this review

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