Saturday, November 23, 2013

Curran soft/hard wood blend

The Massena NY based Curran is an interesting pellet compy in that they produce 4 different varieties of pellets for home heating. They have a hard wood, a soft wood, a 70/30 blend of hard and soft wood, and a FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council) unspecified soft/hard wood blend. This is a review of the 70/30 blend.

Curran Blend pellets are 70% hardwood and 30% softwood. They are PFI "premium grade", and claim an ash content of 1% 0r less. Fines of less than 0.05%, and the sodium content is less than 300PPM.

These pellets are being burned in a basic Englander model 25-PDVC stove. The pellets have a pleasant scent when opened, and are fairly light colored. The pellets are varied in length with most being around 1/4 of an inch, and there is very little in the  way of fines in any of the bags. These pellets burn very clean, leaving only a fine ash and no clinkers at all.

These pellets come on 1.5 ton pallets, and the bags seem to be fairly thick plastic so there was no problems with ruptured bags. I did keep a few bags left over from last winter, stored outside under a lean to, and probably close to 50% did take on noticeable moisture, so bags are not water tight. Upon closer inspection I have found tiny little compression holes in many of the bags which possibly due to being stacked on higher 1.5 ton pallets and travel stresses.  I now store any extra bags inside my home until I'm ready to use them.

This will be my second season using Curran Blend. So far, this years pellets seem to burn even cleaner than last years with very little residual ash. I've been very happy and would have no reservations about purchasing this brand again.


  1. I have just purchased these pellets (20 bags) from Curtis Lumber. I hope that they produce a bit more longevity as far as burning is concerned and a little less ash from the previous pellets I was using (Green Supreme from Lowes). They are .50 cents cheaper a bag. Thanks for your review. I'll add mine here after a week of use.

    1. After a good comparison, these Curran pellets produced twice as much ash, and the same heat output as Lowes brand. I am sticking with the Green Supreme.

  2. I just purchased 5 bags from Curtis lumber because everyone else is out of pellets. Including me. I've been using Lowes Green supreme which i love. I hope these are equal in ash and heat output. We will see. I'll let you know

  3. OK, after burning 5 bags they are not a bad pellet. The ash was as i expected and the heat was very nice. So the big question is would i buy again? Yes i would

  4. I purchased the Curran hardwood softwood blend pellets from Whites Lumber and was not very satisfied with them. The smell was, I'd say, toxic and my stove went out a couple of times with them. They were outside at the Lumber yard so perhaps they took on some moisture. I will not buy them again as the smell was almost unbearable. I, too, like the Green Supreme from Lowe's, but they are out. That is why I bought the blend. I have just purchased the Curran straight hardwood and hope they will burn better. They cost a dollar more a bag, but pellets are getting scarce in our area.

  5. This might be the first place I've seen a number of green supreme lovers. I have burned 2 tons if Curran pellets and 9 tons of green supreme pellets and 5 bags of different kinds in the last two years (burning in a Hudson river kinderhook). I found the Curran pellets to give me more ash and larger rock hard chunks stuck on the side of the burn pot.

    The green supreme pellets do give some hard chunks, but very little ash - 2 tons fit in the ash pot (the kinderhook ash pot is large).

    Comparing green supreme to new England pellets appears that they are identical, just with a much lower price.